July 17th, 2016

МН17: JIT провёл натурный эксперимент по подрыву боеголовки Бука

Информационное сообщение об эксперименте опубликовано 15-го июля Минюстом Украины.
Эксперимент проведе Киевским НИИ Судебной Экспертизы при непосредственном участии представителей
Нидерландов, Бельгии и Австралии.
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Marking the Second Anniversary of the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Marking the Second Anniversary of the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Press Statement
Mark C. Toner
Deputy Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
July 16, 2016

Two years ago today, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, taking the lives of 298 innocent people from 11 countries. Our sympathy and thoughts remain with the families and friends of the MH 17 victims.

In October 2015, we welcomed the findings of the Dutch Safety Board in its final report on the cause of the MH 17 crash. This report validated that MH 17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. Our own assessment has not changed – the missile was fired from territory controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

The United States continues to work with the Joint Investigation Team and law enforcement authorities. We have full confidence that these professionals are conducting an impartial, credible, and comprehensive investigation that will form the basis of an independent prosecution to bring the perpetrators of this tragedy to justice.

А мы сперва робота зашлем

MH17 anniversary: Meet the man suing Putin, who now fears for his life

Оригинал взят у saito_section_9 в MH17 anniversary: Meet the man suing Putin, who now fears for his life

When aviation lawyer Jerry Skinner stopped by his suburban Cincinnati office last Christmas, he found the door ajar and the interior trashed. The files for his latest lawsuit, on behalf of victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash, were missing.

“They didn’t take anything else but they turned the rest of the office inside out,” he remembered. “The police couldn’t say who did it - whoever came into the office was careful.”

Thirty days earlier, the white-bearded, friendly faced lawyer had issued a threat. Weighing up all the available photographic, video and witness evidence, he decided that the missile that blew the passenger jet apart mid-air, killing all 298 people on board, must have been a Russian one. And that it had been fired from rebel-held eastern Ukraine by soldiers ultimately under the command of President Vladimir Putin.

“I wrote to the embassy of the Russian Federation and to Vladimir Putin that I intended to bring an action against them - unless they wanted to sit down and talk - and I wanted to hear from them within thirty days,” he said. “Thirty days passed and I got robbed.” Mr Skinner suspected he was being targeted by Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR. His computer was repeatedly hacked. Threatening voicemails accumulated on his answerphone.

So three days after the burglary, he quickly and quietly packed his remaining files and moved office in the dead of night. He changed his phone number and hid from public view as he built a case for his clients - 33 relatives of 16 Australian and Malaysian passengers who fell 33,000 feet onto the black earth of Ukraine’s war-torn Donbas region.

Only now, with his lawsuit lodged last month at the European Court of Human Rights and hearings likely to begin later this year, has he emerged to publicise the families’ claim and call for more relatives to join the case.

He hopes that public pressure, combined with a report on the findings of an international criminal investigation into MH17 due in autumn, might encourage the Kremlin to come clean.

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